Who Are We

Techtrain Middle East has been developed for companies and organisations who believe that the training function is paramount to their success.

We are here to support the managers, coordinators, instructors, and the administration staff of training departments and training providers in all of their duties in the following areas;


Managing the Training Function

Job Descriptions, Training Plans, Design, Assessment, SOPs.

Training Development

Training Development, Specialised Training, Training Aids, Session Plans.


Written Tests, Practical Tests, Certifications, Program Evaluation.

Competency Assurance

Task Assessment, Designing Tasks, Assessment Procedures.

Records & Reporting

Designing Reports, LMS, Maintaining Records, Individual Development Plans, Company Reports.


We are seasoned professionals with many years’ experience in the training arena as well as the Middle East. All our senior personnel have technical and training qualifications, allowing them to assist in Technical, Safety, and Operatives training in any type of industry.

We take all of our experience in working for multinationals and smaller companies, in oil and gas, mining, equipment, and service industries to provide a cost effective service to our clients. Our senior developers have the benefit of having gone through technical training from the level of Apprentice up to the positions of Engineer and Manager. So we understand the duties of Managers, Engineers, and the various levels of maintenance staff and operatives.


A detailed description of our services can be found under the Services tab


We provide a full complement of training services for companies and organisations. We specialise in technical training for all types of industry. Furthermore, the experience of our developers allows our services to be utilised by all companies no matter what services they provide or type of training they conduct.

We do not have hourly rates like other companies. Our pricing structure is based on value, thus you pay for what you receive, moreover, we are not permanently on the payroll.

Our objective is to be your training partner for as long as you require our services, whilst always remaining available when you need us.