A Competency Assurance Program is a very effective tool for any company or organisation. It is not been developed to replace training as it is system of evaluation/assessment.
It allows a company or organisation to show the regulatory bodies and its clients that they care about their employees’ wellbeing and safety, and also to ensure that their product is to the highest standard.


A systematic approach to all the stages necessary in developing an individual employee or organisation to the levels required for e specified position.
“Competence” being the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes required to complete the tasks required for that position.
“Assurance” being the way the competence is measured. This includes the standards to which the tasks are developed to and the system by which the employees’ performance is assessed by competent assessors and verifiers.


A company can identify the competency of its employees and organisation to industry standards. The company can produce accurate reports outlining the competency of its workforce and identify any gaps between a measured performance and the standard for a position. Thus defining training needs.
The system of tasks for each position and how it is to be assessed must be well defined in the company policy
It must be flexible enough as to enable changes in the future due to policy changes and changes by the regulatory bodies in the specific country or Industry Standard. The system must be designed so that any changes can be implemented quickly with minimum disruption.


  • The company can manage risk and therefore the success of the business
  • The company workforce is current with industry standards
  • The company can use the information for manpower requirements and succession planning
  • The company is more assured of good performance and therefore good productivity
  • The employees are motivated and assured that the work place is as safe as possible
  • The employees will know the requirements of the position and what is expected of them to progress
  • The employees are kept current with the latest technologies and procedures

Techtrain Middle East can help companies and organiations with every aspect of competency assurance whether it be an internal system or one that requires accreditation from regulating bodies.

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