In the field of evaluation the “One size fits all” statement does not apply.
Methods of evaluation come in all shapes and sizes and must be “Fit for Purpose”. At Techtrain Middle East we have extremely experienced employees that have many years’ experience in designing evaluation tools for multi-nationals, as well as small enterprises

If a company has a training program then a tool must be designed that will assess if learning has taken place. A company must know if the transfer of knowledge has happened and to what extent. NOT if training has taken place, as is common. It is obvious that training has taken place if an employee attends all the days of the course. However, it is learning that is important.

There are many different ways of assessing this: from a simple written test to a multi-step series of evaluations.

Did you know that a test can also be used as a training tool?

It can if developed to be one.

As we have stated before, we tailor the evaluation to test the course objectives, moreover we take into consideration the different learner characteristics, the level of English, the duties an employee has to perform and the facility. From these indicators we develop an evaluation that meets the learning objectives, in addition to being fair to all individuals being evaluated.
We all know that training is a substantial cost to a company, so it is a MUST that the management realise the return on their investment is assured. A well-developed series of evaluation tools will do this.

“To ensure true evaluation it must be conducted by a Third Party”

How many times has this been said? To an extent this is true. However, sometimes Techtrain Middle East view this as a commercial decision and not one that ensures that the evaluation is accurate.
Many factors can be included in the design to ensure an accurate evaluation takes place. “Test Administrators” can be trained and a form of Q.A. done at regular intervals to ensure the evaluations are conducted fairly and accurately.
This is again an example of how Techtrain Middle East work: with the client endorsing our promise of a partnership instead of dictatorship.

Techtrain Middle East work with the client to develop the most effective evaluation tools for training programs, certifications, competency assessments, and job placements.

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