In some instances the word “Consultant” has earned a dubious reputation. We believe that is because the term has been abused in the past and still is. We are happy to add this function to our range of services as we perform the duties as per the correct meaning of consultant.

Training is a function that needs managing. To start a training department by utilising current staff can result in an Ad Hoc department that does not function in the way needed by the business. On paper the company has a training department, in our experience this is often misleading.

For instance, what about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We all know they are a must in the operation of a business. Does the training department need them? Yes, of course it does.
The training staff and the students need to know the rules and procedures of the training function, especially the section on evaluation.

Training costs can be substantial. So like any other department the investment must give a return.

“Is training a cost or an investment?”

We think we know the answer, however with the cost of training ever increasing, companies must justify that investment. By designing the training to match the requirements and the business the ROI is more easily assessed via well-developed KPIs.

How can we help?

By letting Techtrain Middle East advise on the training functions we can help reduce costs in the long term whilst ensuring you have a functioning department.


Setting up the training unit

Matching job descriptions to a training plan

Selecting the right employees

Training Design

Training existing employees to move into the training unit

Looking at facilities and outside providers on your behalf

Conducting a training assessment

Designing how to implement a course of specific training

Designing job descriptions

Representing the client with regulatory bodies and other companies

Development of Standard Operating Procedures and General Instructions


In effect, we become part of your company for as long as you want us and completing the work under your direction and objectives. No long term contracts, no gratuity, and once we have completed the work we leave and are ready to return when you need us again. The advantage being that we will already understand your business, in enough detail to start where we left off, no time wasted inducting new employees or new providers.

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