Studies on learning indicate that we recall about 20% of what we hear, 40% of what we hear and see, and 80% of what we can discover for ourselves. Practice reinforces learning, and every opportunity should be taken in training to have participants practice the ideas that have been taught. An old Chinese Proverb still applies:


I heard and I forgot
I saw and I remembered
I did and I learned…


Our developers are specialised in developing training for individuals where English is the second language. This is achieved through extensive use of graphics and by keeping the level of English to an understandable level were possible. This means that the learning process is much faster and when developed along with the evaluation tool, the end result is measurable and tailored to the business.

Qualified, experienced instructors/trainers are not easy to find as the demand is very high for their services. Unfortunately that leads companies to assume a good technician or operative can automatically become a trainer, developing a PowerPoint presentation and presenting this to employees. As far as the company is concerned the training gap has been filled. In our experience this is often misleading.

Techtrain Middle East accept that due to world demand for instructors/trainers there is no option but for companies to adopt this method to fill the positions and the training needs. For that reason our developers design the training to assist the client in achieving their training needs;

  • We design the course including material lists, pacing schedule, and prerequisites
  • We design a student booklet
  • We design an instructor Booklet, complete with step by step lesson plan and training guide
  • We design the training aids such as PowerPoint and paper handouts
  • We design the evaluation tools to measure the training
  • We conduct a train-the–trainer course to support the training personnel
  • We have access to certified trainers from our office and partners in the UK and can be your
    complete training provider

We develop as much or as little as the client requires. By using Techtrain Middle East in the right way it enables us to support your instructors/trainers by providing them with well-developed training materials. This allows the training personnel to do what they should be doing…… training! …… and not using man hours on developing the tools they need to conduct the training and reports.

Multiply the man hours for each course and each instructor/trainer and it is easy to see how Techtrain Middle East reduce the cost of training for a company.

Techtrain Middle East adopt the international (ADDIE) standard when developing training programs. We do not move from the basics of this type of development.

This gives the client a lifelong training program with standards and conditions that are accredited throughout the world.

It also ensures that all employees are trained and evaluated under the same conditions, no matter which trainer conducts the training.

The result is standardised training programs that are fit for purpose and can stand examination from accredited bodies.

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