We know what details management and training departments require and we design the reports with them in mind. These can only be assured if the records are updated constantly and the reports designed for purpose:

  • All forms of training and certification must be recorded and stored.
  • The records must be updated and stored securely to prevent loss.
  • Accurate reports must be generated from the records for the employee, training personnel, and management.
  • The information in the reports must be clear and concise, and tailored to the needs of the personnel and the business.

Techtrain Middle East pride themselves on being able to offer a service to suit the management and training departments of a company. We sit with the client to define the types of reports they require right from the initial meeting.

We take the responsibility of updating and storing the records on a secure server and with the ability to send the reports directly to the email of anyone who is authorised to receive them.

  • The records can be accessed at any time via a client password or developed and sent directly by us.
  • We can send reminders of training and certification to the relevant personnel to help them plan and execute these functions.
  • An employee can view his own records to assist in his personal learning and development plan.

“A Complete Service”

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