Techtrain Middle East prides itself on the services it provides.

Most businesses have suffered at the hands of poor service at some time or another. Techtrain Middle East guarantees a professional service on all levels.

Our mission is to be cost effective. To achieve this Techtrain Middle East use the right people. Some are permanent, some are not. The intention of the business from its conception has been to reduce costs as much as possible without jeopardising quality of the service. We believe we have done that.

We operate in a professional manner and in addition to providing a quality service. If we state our curriculum developer is reviewing your project, rest assured that is who he or she is. A fully qualified and experienced individual in that field to give the very best service. This applies to every individual involved within the company. We pick our people very carefully.
Each member of our team has 20+ years in training and as well as in the Middle East. We understand the culture of the different nationalities and hence the way they learn and work.
Our concept is specific to this culture and to people whose English is their second language. Everything we do takes these concerns into consideration.

Techtrain Middle East know that to set up and maintain a training department is a substantial cost to employers. The fixed costs of running a business in the Middle East are increasing annually, consequently the cost of finding, relocating, and keeping employees is a great expense for a department that is erroneously classed as “Non-Productive”.
However, all companies and organisations acknowledge it is a function that must be maintained in order to achieve success.

If you take the cost of one employee including:

  • Recruitment
  • Relocation
  • Visas
  • Medical
  • Transport
  • Housing
  • Flights/Vacation
  • Salary
  • Office Space
  • Equipment

These costs never go down. Furthermore the client has these services for only 5 days per week, 11 months per year, and they must be maintained. We appreciate the ROI on these investments is not easy, in particular when trying to justify a position.

What we want to be is a partner you can utilise when you need us, for as long as you need us, without the expense of all of the above, in addition to the administration that goes hand in hand with it.

If you want a professional service that will stand the test of time, achieve your objectives, and is value based, then look no further.